Reaper no sound while recording

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Reaper no sound while recording

Okay, I admit, I'm new at this. I've downloaded Reaper and am trying to use the X3 as the playback device, using the headphones. Now, I can hear my guitar through the headphones and Reaper is recording the guitar I've rendered to an MP3 and it has recorded succesfullybut when I attempt to hear the playback through the headphones, I hear nothing. I think I've verified the settings correctly. Again, it is recording from the X3. I just can't hear the playback. I want to be able to record rythym tracks and record over them.

Obviously, I need to hear the track.

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In Reaper, you need to go to the "Options" tab at the top of the screen, and then select Preferences. Once in the dialog window, you'll see a field that says Audio on the left hand side. Underneath that, there's a tab that says devices. This is where you set the POD as your input and output device.

More information on this: I had to reboot the machine for something and when I went back into reaper, without making other changes, I was able to hear the playback in my headphones. Great, I thought, but not so fast It'll work for a little while, but suddenly I can no longer hear the playback. Reboot, and again, it works, for a while. I'm wondering if I have some kind of a driver issue, or some operating system issue.

It's configured correctly, with x3's ASIO driver, and works after a reboot - I can even import a mp3 into a project, play it and record on another track, until it decides to go south I've made sure the drivers on my PC were updated there were some updates - which I installed, though not sure if the ASIO drivers were on the list. I also discovered that the flash on the X3 needed updating, which I did.

This all resulted in no change in behavior. I can hear the playback for a while and then it suddenly stops. Even when the playback stops, I can still here my live playing of the guitar through the headphones. I'm at a loss, and its intermittent behavior is frustrating me. I'm at the point of where I'm just beginning to learn about recording my play. My long term view is to go the route of a audio interface and such, but given that the X3 is supposed to be able to do so, I'd rather not shell out the bucks on this just yet.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you have the X3L or the X3 bean?

reaper no sound while recording

If it is an X3L, you should be able to get the repair covered under the extended warranty related to this particular issue, I think. This thread describes what was happening:. I have the X3L, and I purchased it from guitar center used, so I'm thinking the warranty is moot.How do I do it?

We're going to take a rip through recording your first track. It is also assumed that you have installed the driver for your audio interface if required.

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When you first open reaper, you'll likely need to hit Escape to close a splash screen if you're still just evaluating the software. Once done, you'll find yourself in the Track Control Panel of a new, blank Reaper project. You can confirm that's where you are by hitting Uparrow or DownArrow.

To record, you must first create a track to record onto. You will be placed in an edit box where you can type a name for your new track, then press enter. You don't have to type in a track name if you don't want to just hitting Enter without typing a name will also do the jobbut naming is a good habit to get into.

It makes everything easier to keep track of excuse the pun. Bonus tip: you can name or rename any track after creation simply by pressing F2 with the track selected, typing a name and pressing Enter. For now, either plug something into input 1 of your interface and roll with that, or see below for how to choose a different input. For now, we'll assume that your source is mono the vast majority of microphones are, to take one widely used example.

Select the new track you've just made by pressing either UpArrow or DownArrow. You should hear your screen reader report the track number and the track name if you gave it one in the previous step. Once done, you'll land back in the Track Control Panel. Follow the Windows instructions above, with one important difference.

So whether you're rolling with input 1 as suggested up top or whether you've been adventurous enough to choose a different input, hopefully now you've got a track created and Reaper knows which input you intend to use.

Next, you need to arm your track. To arm a track is to tell reaper which track or sometimes even tracks in the plural you would like to record onto.

Pressing F7 arms and unarms the track. It's a toggle. Each time you press it, you'll hear your screen reader announce whether the track is armed or unarmed. Next up, monitoring. Monitoring is important if you want to be able to hear what's being recorded.No Sound in Reaper.

I have just installed Reaper and inserted a new vsti of synth1 on a new track. I unfortunately can't hear any sound though. I have Record Armed on the track but no movement of sound bars on any monitor. Thanks, John. Try using the Asio4All driver instead of WaveOut.

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Originally Posted by Some Guy. Try clicking in the "play arrow" in the track the one that when you put the mouse over it says "Record Monitoring". I think that's your problem. If sound still doesn't appears, right click in the track record and make sure that "Monitor Input" is ticked.

Originally Posted by shredingskin. Thanks guys. No Sound. Open a track if you do not have one open. Scarlett No Audio. Maybe someone solved this but I didn't find it here in a search. If you get a reaction from your midi keyboard but still no sound Exit, Apply, and you should get sound.

You have no idea how long it took me to find this.Forums New posts Search forums.

Using a MIDI Keyboard Controller in REAPER

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When I re-watched a stream recording of mine, I realized that my audio wasn't being transferred. I was able to fix it to a point where only my microphone audio is being transmitted to the stream.

I have the correct playback devices set to default in the playback and recording devices. But for some reason when I use the same devices on OBS studio only my microphone is being transmitted to the stream and not my headphone audio. AtomGrounder New Member. This is a common mistake that users make when regularly switching between headphones and speakers.

You basically tell OBS which devices are to be recorded. If your sound goes through your headphones but you have selected speakers in the OBS settings then it will record nothing, as there is no sound being transmitted to the speakers.

In this drop down menu you have "Monitor off", "Monitor only mute output " and "Monitor and Output". So if you select for both "Mic" and "Desktop Audio" box "1" then both of the audio will be merged into one track.

If you select box "2" for "Mic" then what you hear from the desktop or game will be recorded on the first track and what you say through the microphone will be recorded on a second track. When streaming and recording, having selected the wrong file format as output and having multiple tracks can make sound "disappear".

So always make sure all your audio is merged in one track. It will open a explorer window showing all your log files. Find the one with the correct date and time and upload it here. Okayillcreateausername New Member. MrGhostO1O said:. Twitch Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. Okayillcreateausername said:. I know it's been a couple years, but could you help me?

Last edited: Apr 23, Jeeperz2 New Member. After about 4 hours of extensive research I figured my problem out. You have to enable both audios on default in the audio settings for audio 1 and 2. I had 2 disabled. SabyTheGod New Member. Hey guys, just made an account to see if you guys were in the same predicament as me.

I had installed Voicemetter banana to have my audio tracks separated, and after setting it up I lost audio in recordings, streams, and I could not monitor sound as well.This guide will explain the necessary steps to get your Focusrite interface set up for recording and playback with Reaper on both Windows and Mac systems. First, you will need to specify which audio device Reaper uses for inputs and outputs. In this menu, select the device that you wish to use.

On Mac systems, this will be the name of the interface, on Windows it will be the name of the driver. You can also set your sample rate in this menu. Once everything is set up, click OK. Select the track's input from the dropdown menu. For example, if your microphone is connected to the first input on your interface, select the first available input.

Set the track's output from the routing menu.

reaper no sound while recording

By default, the outputs will be sent to outputs 1 and 2 on your device. If you wish to change this, select the output s you wish to use from the 'Parent channels' dropdown menu and also add the corresponding output s in the Hardware Outputs section.

Monitoring recording in Reaper

Record enable the track, then press the record button in the transport bar. Click the stop button to stop the recording, then click the Play button to listen back. Choose the destination that you wish the file to be saved to, then click Render. Was this article helpful?Whenever you record from an audio input, REAPER uses the audio device drivers information about latency to automatically put what you recorded into time. Unless you want to manually correct the latency completely.

And down here we also have the 4 optional manual offsets for output and input in milliseconds or samples. You can set either, I feel like input makes more sense to adjust, and adjusting by samples will be more accurate. How do we know how many samples to add here? By setting up a loopback test. Ok close the preferences. Turn off your speakersand unplug headphones. If your Audio interface has a software mixer, make sure that the inputs are muted.

Set the output to your output, and the input to the input, the same as you wired it, with the other output and input set to none. A signal will go through the loop and tell you the delay compensation in samples. Now we just take this number and add that to the input offset adjustment. We can press ping detect again in ReaInsert and now see 0 samples of additional latency. Couple more things to note before we wrap this up.

Any time you change the sample rate or audio device block size, technically this number will change. I feel like in most situations it will still be close enough, and you can optimize this setting for your usual recording block size. And the last thing to mention is that this only applies to signals coming through the inputs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit Email. No Comments.

Making Your First Recording

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.If there is no activity then you will need to check everything, including your midi device setup. This is a simple sounding instrument that can be quite useful if you ever get time to tinker — for now we are using it to get you used to setting up midi and recording.

You can now start recording — there are more monitoring options — and there are also editing options once you have recorded but they are separate tutorials. Try setting this up again — to save time you could create a Track Template by following this tutorial —. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Ok then.

reaper no sound while recording

Open up Reaper and add a track. We have a few options here. The option we are looking at is the third section down. Click on the little dull red button. It should now change colour. Press the keyboard, try and play something. Then we should be good to go.

So ok, we have activity but no sound. If you have none of these then you should take a look at the following tutorial. Shut this window down. Now press a key on your midi keyboard. We need to do one more thing. Getting sound now? Hopefully the answer is yes — if not then something needs to be checked. So there you are — midi is setup. Have a play. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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