Quad subwoofer

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Quad subwoofer

Free UK Delivery. Everyone is now fully aware of the unprecedented situation caused by the outbreak of Covid Coronavirus and the daily challenges that we all face. As a result, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our store and all online operations until further notice. Their superb skills were rewarded inwith their very first amplifier adopted by the BBC for studio use.

Each Quad product has received international acclaim and is loved by many as the leading producer of high-end hi-fi equipment. Then in came the production of the Quad II Power Amplifier, this pivotal moment is where the brand built a reputation for themselves as a leader in high-end amplifiers.

After this point, Quad went onto develop the first electrostatic loudspeaker, transistorised amplifier, full integrated sound systems and further models of impressive amplifiers. To this day, Quad HiFi have developed a high-end range of speakers, amplifiers and audio accessories and continue to bring out newer models which are at the cutting edge of technology.

quad subwoofer

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quad subwoofer

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Speaker Stands Wireless Microphones. Parts Expand menu Collapse menu. Stands Wall Plates. Snake Cables Expand menu Collapse menu. Racks Expand menu Collapse menu. This could delay delivery by a couple of days Featuring the most bass from one box in the industry, the Seismic Audio Quad 18 revolutionizes low end at an affordable price.

Arrayed in a cone-to-cone configuration, this innovative design effectively doubles the power handling, lowers distortion and requires only half the air volume per speaker cabinet of traditional designs. The coupled drivers act as one single unit with exceptional low frequency response. Seismic Audio then doubled down on this design by including a second coupled pair of subwoofers in a single cabinet. The result is the Quad 18 and it must be heard, or felt, to be believed.

With your purchase, you will receive one 4x18 inch Subwoofer Cabinet pictured and described. Order By Phone Default Title. Add to Cart.

Quad SVS SB-2000 Part 3: Integration

When will I get my order? Enter Zipcode Estimate. Change zip code. Free, Same Day Shipping. Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Reviews.Everything you think you know about Quad comes with a curve ball. Some might associate the name with quadraphonic sound, but in fact it originally stood for Quality Unit Amplifier Domestic. Some of those graying audiophiles remember Quad as a British manufacturer, but it has been under the competent and enlightened ownership of Bernard and Michael Chang of Taiwan and their International Audio Group for more than a decade.

Incidentally, IAG has a deep well of engineering resources, which enhances the performance and credibility of their brands. These speakers, per their back label, are designed and engineered in the U. MoFi is the parent company of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the patron saint of the audiophile vinyl reissue, which has branched out into hardware, including turntables. Quad still makes both amps and speakers, including two models of the famous ESL loudspeaker.

Both the S and Z series—including the Z1, reviewed here—use ribbon tweeters. We reviewed a single pair. Ribbon History Quad has been using ribbon drivers sinceeight years before introducing its first electrostatic model. The first ribbon-driver model was the Corner Ribbon, which as the name implies had a triangular footprint that fit snugly into a corner. The ribbon driver in that historic model was too fragile and ill suited to support high-power amplifiers. The Z series ribbon is better at power handling and is much more mechanically durable.

The conductive ribbon is made of a composite of materials for greater robustness. It is then suspended in a strong magnetic field to maximize sensitivity.

Quad says this strikes a balance between the sensitivity and extension of a bass reflex speaker with the clarity and transient attack of a closed box. The rounded enclosure is made of multiple layers of wood fiber.

The top of the cabinet has a subtle curve of its own, which is visible at the top front edge of the baffle, and a gentle rise toward the rear. Available finishes are rosewood veneer and piano black or white. The four posts in strict vertical formation are biwirable and come with large, sturdy bridges that have very little flex.

Specs are printed on the back: rated frequency response of 56 hertz to 20 kilohertz, rated sensitivity of 86 decibels, recommended amp power of 20 to watts, and nominal impedance of 8 ohms the manual adds a minimum impedance of 4. See our Test Bench for independent assessments of frequency response, sensitivity, and minimum impedance.

When I used a subwoofer, it was my trusty Paradigm Seismic Surround-encoded material played in 2. Not a Paradox The Z1 is both warm and revealing. Ordinarily, that might be a paradox; sometimes, warm-voiced speakers are hiding something, or at least sugarcoating the truth.

It conjured bold, detailed images in the prime listening position—but also did so off axis.This BASS will eat you alive! The Kraken offers the highest SPL on the market from a cabinet of its size, bar none.

The Kraken embrace is a monstrously beautiful thing. Capable of almost brutal force, it hits so good.

quad subwoofer

The extended depth is delivered by the large, vented volume, long excursion drivers, and prodigious power. The four drivers are loaded into a large acoustical volume that is tuned to a very low frequency, and each is front-loaded onto a short horn.

The vented enclosure section provides extended low frequency performance and the horn section provides increased upper frequency sensitivity and improved transient response. T he enclosures feature UHMW Polyethylene sliders on all four sideswith corresponding recesses in the opposite sides to facilitate interlocking the boxes when stacked. The amplifier is rated for RMS output using continuous sine wave signal.

This is not a Peak or Burst power rating.

Kraken Quad 21″ Powered Subwoofer

The amplifier is capable of delivering W of continuous output. Providing abundant power prevents overheating issues and virtually eliminates the damage that clipping a too-small amp can cause. For larger events, several arraying options are available.

Presets are included in the DSP. High-intensity Neodymium magnets are lighter and provide higher efficiency so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet.

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Split-wound coils produce a more linear force through the range of movement of the cone, which results in lower distortion and improved linearity at high output. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Waterproofed cones in all products. Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

The built-in processing is comprehensive and yet minimal manipulation is applied to the signal. The processing includes only a high pass filter and a low-pass filter. There is no need for any EQ in the signal for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. These are often misleading, intentionally. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world.

Honorable C Note Producer. Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved.I'd reviewed high-end audio gear for various websites for 20 years before John Atkinson graciously took on this former Southern boy in That's when my real work began. But we all have history, right? And perhaps no audio history is as glorious as that of the British audio manufacturer Quad, now owned by the IAG Group, which manufactures Quad products in Shenzhen, China.

Innovator and audio designer Peter J. Walker founded S. Quad was originally an acronym for Quality Unit Amplifier Domestic. The ESL design is venerated for its low distortion, palpable midrange, brilliant transparency, transient speed, and lack of coloration.

The trade-off is a tiny sweet spot and a lack of absolute low-end frequencies. I also recall how, inRobin Wyatt of Robyatt Audiobrought a pair of beautifully restored ESLs into a small showroom as attendees jostled for a taste of their itsy-bitsy yet terrific sweet spot. Peter Walker had legendary history and, thus, experience with electrostatic technology; no doubt that wisdom has trickled down, to endure in Quad's upscale Z-series speakers and less expensive S models, the latter including the smaller S-1 stand-mount, the S-4 and S-5 floorstanders, and the S-C center channel.

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Each Quad S-2 measures 13" high by 7. The cabinet is a beauty. Its rounded corners and rolled edges put me in mind of Eero Saarinen or Le Corbusier, architects whose structures combined subtle modernity with powerful lines drawn from nature. The Sapele Mahogany finish of my review samples was silken to the touch. The S-2s come with a thin sheet of rubberized paper, from which can be peeled eight plastic nubs to be used as footers.

as-418 Quad 18-inch Isobaric Subwoofer

Even the placements of these mechanical bits and bobs seem well thought out, for purposes functional and cosmetic. In an effort to learn more about the S-2's design and construction, I contacted Peter Comeau, director of acoustic design for the Hi-Fi division of IAG Group; he replied by e-mail: "The biggest problem with dome tweeters is that the diaphragm is rarely fully under the control of the motor system as the voice-coil is only attached at the circumference of the dome.

What we often see is the center of the diaphragm moving in anti-phase to the voice-coil and, obviously, this results in a critical loss of transient information and therefore musical detail. With a ribbon tweeter the diaphragm IS the voice-coil, so to speak, and so is always under the control of the music signal from the amplifier. In that respect it is closer to the performance of an ESL and, thankfully for Quad, shares some of the same characteristics.

The music signal is passed directly to the ribbon and causes a deflection due to the induced magnetism. As the ribbon is directly driven by the amplifier, its resolution of musical detail is very high. The S series ribbon is made from a lightweight metallic alloy which is stronger than pure aluminum. I set up the Quads along one long wall on 24"-high steel stands, which put their tweeters at the height of my ears when I sit down to listen.

Each speaker was 9" from the front wall measured from the toed-in speaker's rear inside corner. A support wall in my apartment creates a barrier on the left that was 5" from one S-2's rear outside corner; the space to the right of the right speaker is relatively open. This setup provided the most coherent, cohesive sound from LPs and CDs. It usually performs best aligning the tweeter at ear level of the listening position, or within a few degrees of ear level.

Repositioning them 27" out from the wall and 58" apart snapped their coherence into place.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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quad subwoofer

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Add No Thanks. Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: etailz. Have one to sell?As acclaimed as it was for its sound, the ESL also acquired a reputation for unreliability. Quad has had spotty distribution in the US, and for several years had no US distribution at all. According to Jonathan Derda, MoFi's national sales and marketing manager, the facility has a technician specifically trained to deal with ESLs, and a good supply of parts. Feickert, and Wharfedale, as well as their eponymous record label devoted to ultra-high-quality reissues, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

The Quad-18 - 4 x 18 Inch Subwoofer Cabinet

Gordon Holt once called " the most nearly perfect loudspeaker we have ever heard. I came to dread the intermittent buzz that meant that the tweeter was arcing and would soon need to be replaced. Worse still, the speaker's transformer was sealed in wax, and when that malfunctioned it had to be shipped to Boston to be repaired by the technician who specialized in the Nine.

KLH had by then changed hands and no longer officially supported the model. After the third time this happened and the problem had been fixedI was fed up, and decided to sell my Nines while they were still working. But I wasn't quite ready to abandon electrostatics, and in the early s I read with considerable interest about the then-new Quad ESL I tried a pair and was impressed with their imaging, but thought the bass too mushy, and the speaker generally not as crisp-sounding as a properly functioning KLH Nine.

I then had a chance to try a pair of used but recent-production original ESLs. I preferred these to the ESLs, and the price was right. I bought the ESLs, and they proved to be reliable as well as excellent-sounding over several years of ownership.

But they didn't go very low or play very loud, and I eventually sold them and moved on to various speakers that were more conventional and proved to be easier to live with. Throughout all of this, I retained a fondness for electrostatic speakers, and made a point of seeking them out at audio events.

When, at the Consumer Electronics Show, I discovered that Quad was once again being distributed in North America, with a new top model that promised to remedy the weaknesses of the ESL, I decided to check it out. Unlike the ESL, which had damping material behind the rear stators to attenuate the diaphragm's rearward radiation, the ESL was allowed to function as a dipole: soundwaves radiated from front and rear, with no significant attenuation of the backwave.

Although the ESL and, before it, the ESL had been well received by audiophiles, many felt it could be improved by judicious modifications. The easiest and simplest modification involved stands that elevated the speaker and stiffened its frame, the best known of which was the Arcici stand footnote 2.

Sadly, Arcici and its founder, Ray Shab, are no longer with us. Over the years, Quad has changed hands several times. IAG promised to remain true to Peter Walker's original concept, but also made changes intended to improve weaknesses in the performance of the ESL They also promised to improve the speaker's reliability, which has continued to be a problem throughout the ESL's 36 years of production.

Under IAG ownership, in Quad came out with a new sort of speaker that had often been suggested as a way of improving the ESL a taller ESL with the same footprint as the ESL, but not so tall as to be unacceptable in the typical living room.

The current incarnation of this design is the ESL The additional woofer panels receive the same delayed signal as the standard ones. Quad's current lineup also includes the ESL, which has only two woofer panels; it's essentially the same size as the ESL, but incorporates the manufacturing improvements present in the ESL What are the advantages of a taller speaker? There is, first of all, a higher soundstage, which many people prefer, as do I.

The elevation of the midrange-tweeter panel also results in less interference from floor bounce, a problem with the ESL, noted by some reviewers.

But the most important benefits expected from a taller ESL would be in the bass and in maximum output capability.

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In an e-mail, Peter Comeau, director of acoustic design for Quad and its IAG sister brands Audiolab, Castle, Mission, and Wharfedale, told me that there's a common misconception that the has "bigger" bass because the extra bass panels add more "power" to the low frequencies.


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